Boxing gloves- the best protective gear

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Published: 20th January 2011
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Boxing is a famous combat sport and martial art in which two people mainly use their fists for competition. Every boxer should keep his fists well protected and it is due to this they gain popularity. Starting from his invention, there were many varieties of boxing gloves available and in roman times, these boxing gloves were metal added to inflict greater damage and as the years passed, many gloves were introduced and each has its own pros and cons.

We can say that this boxing equipment has made boxing popular through the following quote by Marvin Halger "If they cut my bald head open, they will find one big boxing glove. That's all I am. I live it." Through his quote we get an idea about the need of boxing gloves in boxing.

In this article, we are going to have an overview on different types of boxing gloves and its features and how it protects the boxer’s hand. Lace protectors, bag gloves, training gloves, pro fight gloves, amateur competition gloves, aerobic gloves, MMA gloves, deluxe boxing bag gloves and MMA professional fight gloves are the different types of gloves available for boxing.

Lace up gloves looks so thin, soft and it is a lace converter that converts the lace up style gloves to hook and loop attachment. If you are looking for an excellent companion for lace up gloves, then it would suit better. The bag gloves are made of leather construction and well padded for protection with attached thumb. You don’t need to worry about the comfortabilty because this glove is designed in such a way that it can fit in-ease with handwraps.

Bag gloves exist in different varieties and if you look for a power weighted or grappling type, then this gloves suits better and it comes in different varieties with well padded. During the training session, the boxers should wear appropriate gloves that suits for training session. The myth behind the training gloves is that they are not made of quality materials so that it damages the fist of boxers, but it is not true. The training gloves are leather gloves which are well padded and cotton filled and it enhances your training session in the best way. Like the bag gloves, these gloves also exist in different types such as Mexican style, professional aerobics, champ hook; invincible lace up, champ lace up and professional lace up are those types.

The professional fight gloves are filled with layer closed cell with foam padding and pre curved. For competition, you can use the amateur competition gloves and it is constructed of leather. The best boxing gloves for kickboxing and boxing are aerobics leather gloves and it is cotton filled and well padded for protection. MMA gloves are suitable for both competition and training and it has an open palm construction that shows you the legal striking area. All these gloves are called as boxers protective gears and when you buy the boxing equipments, select the boxing equipments that are strictly manufactured as per USA boxing requirements so that you will be satisfied that you have bought the best one.

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