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Published: 13th August 2012
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Boxing is just not two people fighting it is an interesting sport which makes a man physically and mentally fit. This game involves two people fighting and a referee who instructs them regarding the rules of the game. It has twelve rounds in which each round takes place for at least 3 minutes.

It is necessary for a boxer to be safe while boxing so he must know the doís and doníts of the game. Boxer must avoid pushing, biting, spitting, kicking the opponent below the abdomen or belt if he does it he would face serious issues like penalty, reduction in points, warning by the referee or even he would be disqualified from the game.

For boxing its necessary to use the boxing gear which consists of hand wraps, hand gloves, bag gloves and a punching bag. These are to protect the boxer from major injuries. It is compulsory for a boxer to use these items and a boxer must know the importance of each boxing gear and the ways to be used. There are many protecting gear that are used during boxing such as chest protector, shin protector, head gear, groin protector, body protectors, mouth guards and women protection.

Chest protector: Chest protectors are not used much during the boxing session but this is very useful during the process of training. It protects the chest area when being punched by the opponent. This protector comes not only for men and women but also for the coaches. They're typically made of lightweight foam, synthetic materials and/or plastic, and athletes either wear them under or over their uniforms.

Shin protector: They are essential for protecting the delicate bones and nerves of the shins and are especially important for people who undergo training. Shin pads are made with a variety of materials, including, leather, cotton or synthetic leather. Cotton shin pads offer flexibility compared to other materials.

Head gear: Head gear is worn basically to protect the injury in brain. It is a padded helmet worn by the boxer. There are different head gears available which includes open head gear and also closed head gear. Open head gear is commonly used during the matches and the closed head gears are mostly used only during the training sessions.

Groin protector: Groin protector is not only used by men but also by women. It is necessary equipment used to protect the groin region from getting injured. A major injury may even lead a person to death. It can be used both during the matches and also the training sessions.

Body protectors: This is basically to protect the front body from punches by the opponents. The body gear is used by both men and women from injuries. This body gear covers major of the front body from severe blows.

Mouth guards: Even mouth is a small part it cannot be left as it is this should be taken with great care because one punch or blow in the mouth can make the whole set of teeth to break. Teeth are not as strong as other parts of the body so it is necessary to wear a mouth guard during both the matches and the training sessions. This mouth guard protects even your jaws from getting injured.

Women protection: The women protector consists of the groin protector and chest protector. These are worn basically to protect the chest region and the groin region. Nowadays boxing is not only played by men but also by women so it is necessary for them to protect them carefully from the opponent. In todayís market there are many womenís protection coming up especially designed for womenís safety.

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